Popular Myths about weight loss

  1. Sweating means that you are burning more calories. The rate at which you sweat and the amount you sweat depends on many factors outside your workout. People sweat at different rates depending on gender, age, environment, outside air humidity etc. Fit people tend to sweat faster as their bodies are efficient in cooling down
  2. Walking is as good as running for weight loss: While running, you jump from one foot to another, which requires tremendous amount of energy and burns a lot more calories than walking.  An average runner burns 90 calories a mile, compared to a walker who burns 40 calories for the same distance
  3. To lose weight, you need to workout in aerobic zone: This myth is based on the percentage of fat you burn through a moderate workout and not the total amount of calories burned. If you want to lose weight , focus on total calories burnt which includes fat burn as well
  4. You need to workout everyday to lose weight: This is unnecessary. The total calories burnt in the week is what matters. Hence , a good activity 4 to 5 times a week aiming at a 1200 to 3000 calorie burn, depending on your goal, is a smarter way to workout