Facts about Muscle tone and shape that every woman should know

I am surprised to see the number of women in our gyms who have this wrong notion that they can change the shape of their muscles with exercise. Your parents are responsible for the shape of your muscles and no exercise system can change it. You have won the genetic lottery if you have a lean physique.


What you can change is your strength and fitness levels. You can also alter the fat content in your body, through good diet and exercise. You end up with the best shape possible , within the physique that you are born with . When we say muscle toning, what we mean is firming up your muscles, not reshaping them.

Another myth which women find convenient to believe is that heavy weight lifting bulks up their muscles. Have you noticed gymnasts and athletes who have incredible strength and yet look very light ? These girls have minimal fat and incredible muscle strength , thanks to some heavy weight training that they do.

The reality is that muscle mass is very difficult to develop and this is true for men too. The men you see with big muscles take supplements and steroids to develop big muscle size. You should celebrate every ounce you can gain. As you age, your life will depend on this muscle. If you are bulky it is due to excess fat and not muscle.

Lifting weights does not create a bulky, unfeminine body. In fact, it creates a leaner, athletic looking body. Muscle is much more compact than fat; so the more muscle you build, and the more fat you lose, the leaner you look. And the more lean muscle tissue you acquire, the more calories you will burn .

– Ms. Chandra Gopalan,
Contours India