Muscle soreness is not badge of honor

Muscle soreness does not necessarily mean increase in muscle strength. People wear muscle soreness like a badge of honor. They think that the more muscle soreness they have, the stronger they become. This is far from the truth

Muscle soreness is because your muscles are not used to the sudden overload of a  workout.  The muscle soreness is caused by microtrauma in the muscle and surrounding connective tissues due to sudden overload. It is a good indicator that the workout has had some effect on the intended muscle. However, there is a genetic factor to how sensitive we are to soreness and pain.  Some people have high pain thresholds while some don’t. Conversely, minimal soreness is not an indicator of a poor workout

Muscle soreness

Workout  intelligently. Remember that it is not always the tough part of your workout that is best for your body. Mix workouts sensibly and give the body time for rest and recovery