Monthly Bargain:

I simply love people’s perception about monthly weight loss

A woman called in today.

She -I want to join your weight loss program

Me- Do you have an idea about how overweight you are?

She- Yes, about 30 Kgs.  What is your monthly fee?

Monthly?  Really?   I am waiting for you with a magic lamp!

Me- Monthly is a teaser. You need to commit to a long term program

She- How much can I lose per month?  I don’t like long term

Its not a jail term honey, just a gym membership

Me- You can expect about 2-3 kilos per month. That depends on your commitment, diet and genetics. We cannot assure you weight loss but we will try our best

She- Accha. Make it 5 kilos guarantee per month. I will join for 2 months

MonthlyWe have changed our September membership offer 

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