Mind over Body

Most of us have goals and visions in life. Some are like dreams, unachievable? That’s a wrong word. Anything is achievable if you put your mind, soul and body into it with oodles of positivity

Let’s analyze one such seemingly impossible dream. I WANT TO SCALE MOUNT EVEREST. This is your vision Now jot down what it would require to accomplish this
• Peak fitness. This is aerobic and muscle fitness. Write down a realistic time goal. This    depends on the shape you are in currently. It could probably take a couple of years or      more. You have time on your side
• Abundant patience. Nothing is achieved quickly. Persistent hard work day after day with    the goal in focus will reach you there eventually
• No negative talk. Banish thoughts like ‘will I be able to do it?’ , ‘looks impossible to me’, ‘how will I ever achieve this?’. Do not defeat yourself along the way. Stay positive. Stay on track.

Mind over Body- We can defy limits imposed by our bodies with our mind. The power of the mind and its thoughts is incredible over the body. We create our own limitations. Do not let self doubts cloud your vision. Your mind is a terrific asset. It can turn dreams into reality


This is a story that I chanced upon , on the internet. It is a podcast by Micheal Hyatt
A marine biologist conducted an experiment where he put into a small tank, a barracuda and some small bait fish. As you would expect, the barracuda quickly devoured all the bait fish. The researcher then introduced a glass into the tank separating it into two sections. He put the barracuda in one. He then put another set of bait fish into the other section. The barracuda immediately noticed and made an attempt to attack the bait fish. But it hit the glass and bounced off. The barracuda kept repeating this for a few days until it eventually gave up. The researcher then removed the glass. The barracuda now trained to believe that there existed a barrier between it and the bait fish, did not attack. The bait fish swam wherever they wished… unharmed.

Most of us create such barriers between our minds and our dreams. Your dreams are yours alone. Train your mind to be positive. Physical well being leads to a positive mind. Visualize yourself on top of of the mountain, flag in hand. Tell yourself you can . And you will.

– Chandra Gopalan
Contours India.