The gym is a sanctuary for champions and the hopefuls, triumphs and failures, deep bonds and misunderstandings. Yet as I come here day after day, I realise that the self-discipline, and work ethics that have made me a confident and complete individual today, come from within these gym walls

Here are a few lessons learnt:

1. Get up and just do it!
So many of us have our own limiting beliefs. It is our fear of failure that stops us from getting started in the first place. I see a slow confidence building up in each one of my members within a couple of weeks in the gym .The tough part is crossing that door to get in.

2. There are no failures, only lessons learnt
When you “fail” in the gym, maybe in doing the last few reps, it’s because you felt your limits and decided you had the capability to push beyond them, and you tried to do just that. This is what failure is, in life. Every champion that you encounter will attest to the important role of failure in his/her life and how it has helped them succeed.

3. Progress is mostly intangible
Many of us may physically look the same after a few weeks at the gym but our endurance, stamina, strength and mental alertness grow significantly. This is the same in our professional life. When we work on projects, the results cannot always be measured in dollars or designations. But you will find that your mental agility, knowledge, courage and productivity growing significantly.

4. There are no shortcuts or magic pills
You know what is the secret to getting into great shape? Showing up every day, putting in the work, and controlling what goes in your mouth. Everything else is more or less noise. Never forget the basics. As in life. Success, victory and even genuine self-gratification come only when you play the long game.

5. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
When you are in the midst of a killer workout, and you feel like you are going to collapse but you
make it through, you literally end up stronger than you were when you began. Use this metaphor in life to understand that no matter what life throws at you, you can use that to rebuild yourself with more knowledge and mental toughness. You end up being a better version of yourself.

-Chandra Gopalan
CEO, Contours India