Let’s do some Cardio Kickboxing

As a group activity, Cardio kickboxing rules. It is an intense workout which, when done with power and precision ,can burn up to 500 calories in an hour

Cardio kickboxing is a great mix of aerobics and muscle training. Other great benefits are

  • Kicking and punching improves balance and coordination
  • Reflexes get sharper
  • Since one leg is almost always raised, it activates your core the whole time, giving you a great core workout
  • Kicking builds the strength in your legs, particularly the hamstrings and punching leads to upper body strength as you use arms, shoulders and obliques to twist and punch
  • It’s a good aerobic workout as it involves quick moves, leaving you breathless
  • You develop self defense skills
  • Its fun and is a great stress buster

A word of caution- do not try Cardio kickboxing at home with the assistance of home videos. Learn it from a good trainer

Cardio kickboxing

Image by © yellowdog/cultura/Corbis