Added sugar is a silent killer

There are 2 types of sugar- Natural and Added. As per WHO, only 5% of your total intake must come from Added sugars. This means a maximum of 5 teaspoons for women and 7 teaspoons for men

Why are we addicted to sugars? All processed foods from bread, soups, cereals to Pasta and sodas contain added sugar. The instant lift that we get when we eat a  pastry or a cookie is the ‘high” before a slump which leaves us tired and irritable. This results in us craving for sugar more till it becomes a vicious cycle leading to obesity and illness. It has been proven that cancer cells thrive on sugar.

Added sugars are found in most “low fat” and “Diet” foods.

  1. Packaged soups and sauces contain good amount of added sugar
  2. A can of soft drink contains close to 7 teaspoons of sugar


So how can we cut down on sugars

  1. Start having less sugar in your beverages gradually till your tongue acquires the taste for a sugar free beverage
  2. Avoid all “diet” and Low fat” labeled food. Instead have smaller portions of natural food
  3. Have a good amount of lean proteins with your rotis and rice. They keep your stomach full for a longer time and help combat sugar cravings
  4. For fillers between meals, stick to fruits, dry fruits and yoghurt. They contain protein that balance energy levels