Improve Target heart rate with this weekly workout

Low intensity workout- are the ones we do everyday like strolling to the grocery store or walking the dog. This type of activity pumps your heart between 40-50% of your Target Heart Rate. They contribute towards increasing range of motion in your joints, keep down stress levels and burn some calories. This is minimal calorie burn

Moderate intensity workout- This is subject to individual fitness levels. However, moderate intensity means that your heart rate is elevated to 60% of your Target Heart Rate. This activity is hard, but not hard enough for you to quit in a few minutes. Eg – long distance running. Moderate intensity workouts improve cardiovascular endurance, improves heart health and boosts your metabolism and help burn some fat. Contours circuit training is a moderate level activity

High Intensity workout- are the ones which are so hard that you have to stop & recover in a few minutes , like a sprint. Interval training is a great example. These exercises burn mega calories in quick time and are great at burning fat and losing weight. However, they could lead to injuries too. Here maximum heart rate can reach upto 85% of your Target Heart Rate.

For an effective target heart rate program, combine all 3 types of activities in your weekly routine. Walk as often as possible for low intensity workout, do your circuit training thrice a week and do some hard training twice. You will get better results with a couple of days of recovery too.

Target Heart Rate

Image by © Klawitter Productions/Corbis