I have been addicted to running. 

I started running to loose weight post delivering my second kid. Running out in KKH lake refreshed me with serenity of the lake and beautiful view, from then on I have been addicted to running.

I have always been in athletics in school but when I started running again after so many years I used to be out of breath with hardly 50 meters of running. Long distance running seemed to be my biggest challenge. Then I got introduced to “RUNNER’S HIGH”. Their systematic training and strengthening helped me overcome that. Now I have lots of 10km, half marathons and a full marathon to brag about.

Running has provided me with a different perspective to life and is such a stress-buster, A runner never needs to be introduced when she / he is running, a runner always acknowledges another runner, sometimes silently. Every runner is an inspiration and teaches so many things. Runners have an innate feeling to give back to the community and with that comes the greatest satisfaction.

Running has introduced me to so many new friends and i love the network of energetic runners, Now I see running as an excuse to spend time with my friends and stay fit while doing that.

Tushar Running

Tushar Yugal