I am running to defy, to rebel, to prove, to take risks.

I started running in December 2008 – but I couldn’t quite run then! I could not run through the 5k majja run at Midnight Marathon that year without feeling like I needed to stop every 1 minute. This provoked me to look at my physical ability since I was an on-and-off gym rat and felt like I could do better. But the Why of running is never that simple. I was tired of TV-watching mall-hopping aimless weekends and never-budging treadmills. I was tired of being only mom, coworker, wife, and daughter. I wanted to be myself. And running gave me that.

The biggest challenge was to literally move myself without coming in the way of all these important aspects of my life. Another big challenge was to find safe places to run in. I self-trained for the first 10k on the treadmill and at a park. It didn’t seem like a great idea when I suffered knee pains after that first event. The other challenge is social justification – often my loved (and unloved) ones have asked me – why do you want to run? The part that is unsaid is ‘when you can spend more time : with your daughter/caring for family/cleaning/cooking/staying in the safe boundaries of home/preserving your knees and joints!

It beats me why I need to answer. So I also run to defy, to rebel, to prove, to take risks.

Since joining RH in 2013, I have found answers within my running community. In running I have found fellow answer seekers, I have found stronger women, I have found kinder men, I have found friends, and incentive to wake up at odd hours. I have found pride, self love, and social acceptance. I have found reason.

I run because I am.


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– Aanandita