You may consider your health and your wealth as separate and distinct aspects of your life. However, charting both a secure financial future and a healthy life requires thoughtful and ongoing planning.

Living Well

With life expectancies increasing and the cost of healthcare rising, the concept of a holistic approach to combining health and wealth considerations makes sense.

Trends Promoting Health and Wealth
New insights and approaches to promote and protect your health and wealth

  • Prevention: Take action before any serious health or financial issues arise
  • Proactive Planning: Adopt a holistic, comprehensive approach
  • Professional Relationships: Cultivate open communication with experienced medical and financial advisers

Five Pathstones to Optimum Health and Wealth
Provides a thoughtful process that can be applied to both health and wealth planning throughout all stages of life

  1. Identify Motivations and Goals
  2. Evaluate Current Situation
  3. Develop Integrated Strategies
  4. Align Resources to Implement Plan
  5. Monitor and Evaluate Your Results

A Roadmap for all Stages of Your Life
Designed to help  implement decisions that affect you and your entire family

  • Early Years (birth to 14): Protecting Children
  • Teens and Young Adults (15-24): Guiding Children
  • Pivotal Years (25-39): Laying the Foundation
  • Sandwich Generation (40-54): Balancing Act
  • Maturing Years (55-65): Peak Productivity
  • Prime Time (66+): Quality of Life



30 Jul, 2018



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