Hard truths about Exercise

  1. Working out is always going to be hard. The day it becomes easy, you need to increase the intensity to make it tougher .You need not do complicated exercises. Simple ones when done with more weights and range of motion can get tough. Decreasing rest time between sets can make your workout tougher too
  2. Not every activity counts as exercise– Any activity that can elevate your heart beat to an aerobic level for a minimum of 10 minutes constitutes an exercise. Doing house work does not mean that you are getting adequate exercise. You still need weight bearing exercises for your muscles and cardio activities for your heart and lung health.
  3. One workout will not undo a sedentary lifestyle– You need to be fairly active , apart from the 60 minutes in the gym. Working out in the gym is better than not exercising at all. But you still need to get off your butt several times in the day
  4. You do not burn great calories on Cardio machines– stop working on cardio machines endlessly. You burn much less calories than what the machine shows. Increase the intensity on the machines. Do interval training. Machines can be calibrated. You need to constantly overload your effort on the machine. Read more about Cardio Junkies
  5. Hard workouts do not allow you to eat what you want-One binge eating can offset several workouts. However hard you exercise, you still need to eat clean. Unfair, but true!
  6. You have to exercise forever– You need to be physically active all your life. This is a bummer, but it is the hardest truth of all. Hence, take to any sport that you enjoy- maybe running, swimming, tennis, badminton , golf etc. Strengthen your muscles to improve your sport. This will keep you interested and energized at all times. Fitness should be a normal part of your daily life


Image by © Nick Daly/cultura/Corbis