Why do people drop out of gyms ?

Despite increasing awareness about fitness and the need to be physically active, India has the lowest penetration of gyms. We have the lowest number of people who go to gyms.  While there is a lot of interest in joining a gym, probably more as a style statement, why are gyms in India not able to retain members ? Why do so many drop out?

We need a lot of education on physical fitness. We are a nation of people who rarely take up an outdoor activity, unlike our western counterparts. We are yet to understand that being physically active needs to start from the time you walk on your feet till the day you die.


– Image by © Mike Watson/moodboard/Corbis

Most enrollments in gyms are when the customer has put on weight, has health issues and is completely out of shape. Worse still, the customer expects quick results from the gym. They expect results to be the gym’s responsibility. This is far from the truth. The gym helps and facilitates your needs. But if you do not turn up at the gym, put in sufficient effort and eat clean, results do not magically happen. This is why India also has the maximum gym dropouts.

Living in a country, where we have domestic help to cook, clean, wash our cars, tend our gardens etc, it is hardly surprising to note that people will put in minimal effort but expect quick results. We see people waiting for an elevator to go up to the first or second floor all the time.

Add to this is the fact that we get bored very easily. While gyms give you a wide variety of workouts, it is prudent to understand what is essential for fitness . You need to workout right and not create so much variation that your workouts have little effect on your body

– By Chandra Gopalan,
Contours India