Its strange that very few perceive gyms as health providers

Its funny how people perceive a gym as a provider of weight loss and shape. When we ask the question as to what is the trigger that makes a person enroll for a gym membership, is it for better health, appearance or fitness, we invariably get “appearance” as response.

Its strange that very few perceive gyms as health providers. Here is the truth about gyms


  • We increase your body metabolism by building lean muscle mass and decreasing fat in your body
  • Due to increase in muscle mass and reduction in fat, you get a much better shape and body tone, not necessarily weight more
  • When you increase your physical activity levels, specially through resistance training, your health starts getting better. Sugar levels normalize, hypertension is reduced, obesity starts decreasing thereby improving heart health, osteoporosis is taken care of due to better bone density and a host of other benefits.

What a gym cannot do is deliver quick weight loss. It needs sustained effort over a long period of time to improve body metabolism and bring about a lifestyle change