Good clean friendly environment to workout

When I sit at the reception counter of the gym and handle enquirers from women who walk in, I brace myself for the familiar questions. And they don’t disappoint.

I only want aerobics and zumba,I do not want to lift weights

Huh?  You have so few machines. You should charge lower than others

OMG! No treadmills? No sauna?

The questions never cease to amaze me. If you have walked into my gym, I presume, it’s because you perceive me as a fitness expert. I also presume that you are paying membership fee to get the result that you desire. You pay it for our knowledge, our service and yes, for a good clean friendly environment to workout in

People have so many pre-conceived ideas about how a gym should look. The truth is that we can deliver results without a single machine. Your results are not dependent on the number of machines we have or the Sauna / steam room. Your results depend on well trained trainers who motivate you to stick to a workout schedule, who can modify it as per your needs and track your progress.  There are so many ways you can work on your muscles and cardio system for fitness. It takes a good gym to understand the psyche of a client who comes everyday for a workout. Exercise is not something most people look forward to. It makes our jobs that much tougher to keep you motivated, to keep you from getting bored.

So, next time you “shop” for a gym membership, do not get taken in by its luxurious décor or impressive machines. In the end, results depend on good exercise systems, knowledgeable staff and most importantly YOU

Stick to a workout schedule

Chandra Gopalan,
Director Contours India