A fitness center should be a normal part of your daily living

We wake up everyday and instinctively reach for the toothbrush. Why ?
Because its been a part of our existence for centuries. And we have been taught as children that there is bacteria in the mouth which need to be removed before we eat. What about the decay in our muscles ? We have not been taught to take care of them . The need did not arise as our ancestors were active workers who had to hunt for food and water. Today, with our desk jobs and sedentary lives, we need to take care of our muscles, the same way we take care of our teeth….everyday

Call it a gym, fitness center, health club or weight loss studio. It is the one place that motivates you to take care of yourself . The internet is full of health articles, diet tips, diet plans like low carb diets, magic weight loss pills, fat burner workouts. Do you know what suits you, given your health history? Do you know how to scale up your workout to keep up the stimulus on your muscles ? You need an expert to guide you and motivate you. Women and the weighing scale

As a woman, you may wonder, Why fitness ? All I want is weight loss. Well, you need to gain fitness to lose weight. You need to work on your cardio respiratory fitness by doing various forms of aerobics , cycling on the exercise bike etc and work on your muscle strength / endurance through customized strength training programs (Muscle tone that every woman should know). The more muscle you build and the more fat you lose, the fitter and leaner you become. Who does not want chiseled abs, maybe even a six pack ? This can be achieved only though a guided regimented program

You need not diet to lose weight. You need to nourish your muscles in a timely sensible manner. Your health club can monitor what you eat, give you meal plans that ensure that you get adequate protein intake everyday.

So next time you shun a gym membership simply because it is expensive or not convenient, stop a moment and think of all the time and money that is at your disposal to do the very things that land you at a doctor’s clinic ? Gyms take care of your health. We are your friend, motivator and guide. Join us today. We are definitely not like typical or boring gym


Ms. Chandra Gopalan

Contours India.