Modern life is so damned busy. Work hours are long, conference calls are longer, commute time has hit the roof and with home responsibilities , there is simply no time to think about your own health and fitness.

Well, not really . Exercise does not mean that you need to go for a run or hit the gym. Any physical activity counts. Let’s see how we can make this work

  1. Use your commute wisely- If work is under 5 kilometers away- walk, run or cycle to work. Figure out a way to manage access to your laptop both at work and home. This will get your metabolism kicking. If work is farther away, park your car 2-3 kms away from work and walk/ run/ cycle up and down.
  2. You need not workout everyday. Choose any 3 days of the week when you are relatively less busy. Just spare 20 minutes to do a whole body workout . Invest in some weights, resistance tube and a stability ball . Use these at home to do a variety of workouts that challenge you in minimal time. Compound workouts are great and very time efficient
  3. Keep moving- Take the stairs, walk to the grocers, walk the dog, take small walk breaks from your desk. The human body is meant to move. So keep moving as much as possible. Have a meeting on the 20th floor – there’s your workout for the day.
  4. Keep track of what you do- Wear a step counter. There are quite a few available now. Track your activity and progress. You will see your fitness and stamina improve when you become accountable to yourself.
  5. Weekend Fun- Once in awhile, go with the family over weekends for treks, hikes, bicycle rides. Make it fun with the entire family. Chuck that expensive weekend dinner /movie for fun outdoor activities.

Fitness is a state of mind. It is a discipline that you need to acquire. It does not happen in days, weeks and months. It takes years to achieve this discipline. It is a threshold that you need to break. Once you break it, you will see that no amount of work/ home pressure can keep you away from your daily workout. Once you get here, go to a gym or engage a good trainer who can motivate and guide you. A trainer knows how to break body plateu and keep you in the best possible shape.