Abs obsession

Every woman seems to have an obsession for flat Abs. This is not surprising as women do carry a lot of belly fat.

What you need to know is that everyone has a six pack. You just have to remove the fat covering it for your 6 pack Abs to show.  Hence the focus should be on shedding the fat. Two ways to do this are

  1. Eat minimal fat ( the bad variety) in your food
  2. Concentrate on building lean muscle mass for better metabolism and fat burn

Workout by bracing your core during each and every exercise. Lift heavy weights. When you lift heavy weights, you automatically activate the core . Doing huge amount of crunches on the floor is not the answer. Work on whole body muscles and do just 10 mins of abs workouts. Also, do remember that Abs have to be worked on horizontally and across the body ( Transverse ).  All you need is 15-20 reps of each Abs workout, done slowly and with full range of motion, after burning the fat.

Do not expect miracles. It takes sustained effort  to get flat Abs