personal trainer

Who needs personal trainer and who doesn’t

How to choose a personal trainer

Before opting for a personal trainer, ask yourself the following questions

  1. Are you motivated to workout regularly?
  2. Can you workout by yourself, without the company of others at the gym
  3. Do you normally browse through magazines and the internet for articles on Fitness
  4. Do you have the will power to upgrade your training routine when workouts start feeling easy

If the answer to all of the above is YES, you do not need a personal trainer. You are already committed enough to do what it takes to maintain optimal fitness and weight. All you need is a good clean gym to workout in

On the other hand, if the answer is a NO, hiring a personal trainer will help you in achieving your goals. Choose your personal trainer wisely, else it is a waste of money.

Check the foll-

  1. Is your trainer fit ?
  2. Does he/she have adequate fitness knowledge ?
  3. Can your trainer customize your workouts as per your goals?
  4. Can he/ she change your workouts constantly as per your fitness level ?
  5. Is your trainer happy at his/her job ? The last thing you need is a trainer who has complaints against the gym management
  6. Does he/she have a track record of taking leave from work ?

Be wary of trainers who push supplements on you. Unless you are a body builder, you do not need supplements. You get sufficient nutrition through a healthy diet. Trainers are not nutritionists. The ones who push supplements get their commissions from the nutrition supplement companies. They do not have your interest at heart.

Chandra Gopalan


27 Aug, 2015



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