Understanding your heart rate is critical to exercising safely and effectively.

Maximum Heart Rate (  MHR) – is the maximum betas your heart can achieve in a single minute. It is important to know your MHR, in order to establish your Target Heart Rate ( THR) for exercising. Even a performance athlete rarely reaches his/her MHR with an explosive performance.

Target Hear Rate ( THR)- This is about 80-85% of your MHR. This is the range we can achieve even with the most rigorous workout. Knowing your THR and achieving it during workout sessions, ensures that you have had a very good workout

Resting Heart Rate ( RHR) – is a great measure to determine your fitness level and cardiovascular health.  It is measured in the lying position, first thing in the morning on waking up. When you get fitter, your heart needs fewer beats to pump the same blood volume into the body. This means that the heart is not overworked . A low RHR indicates prime fitness.

Heart Recovery Rate– This is the rate at which your heart rate comes down after a workout. Your hear beat should fall by 20 beats in the first minute after an intense workout.  The fitter you are, the faster your heart rate will return to normal

Heart Rate