There are two main types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

In Type 1 diabetes, the insulin producing cells in your pancreas are destroyed by your immune system. This type of diabetes is not caused by an unhealthy lifestyle Type 2 diabetes is related to weight gain and obesity. Its is the excess calories which you imbibe and do not burn that cause weight gain. Simple sugars and unhealthy fats are the main culprits, aided by a sedentary lifestyle.

Visceral fat is the fat which is deep down in our bodies , between our organs. Visually this is the abdominal or belly fat that you carry. Visceral fat increases the risk for Type 2 Diabetes in the following way- The more insulin is produced , the more glucose ( sugars that you put in) is taken up by the liver to store for future use. But if the liver is covered by fat tissue, it cannot respond to the insulin quickly enough.

Hence your blood sugar accumulates in the blood, instead of being processed by the liver. Diabetes is well on its way .This also damages your organs. This is why belly fat is the most dangerous fat that you carry.

Calculate your waist to hip ratio. This is the best indicator of fat distribution in the body. Take your waist measurement two fingers above your belly button. Measure your hips around its broadest part. Divide waist by hip measurement. For women, the accepted ratio is 0.8 and below and for men it is 0.9 and less.

Solutions to excess Waist- Hip Ratio?
Avoid simple sugars. Most food taken off a shelf including ketchup, instant foods, pickles carry hidden sugars. Hence cook your meals at home as you know what is going into the cooking. Avoid fizzy colas and all forms of sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, switch to fruits and a few squares of dark chocolate. Natural sources of sugar are not harmful. Added sugar in food and drinks cause a lot more harm.

Start reading food labels when you buy food items off a shelf. Reduced fat foods which claim to be healthy are not. They are compensated for taste with excess sugar.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
Be as physically active as you can. The human body was never meant to sit on a chair. Get a standing desk at work. Climb stairs, avoid elevators. Remember that it is not exercise but the lack of it that kills you.