Women and the Cardio fixation:

I often see women doing endless amount of cardio in our gyms. They chat with each other, browse on their mobiles and spend a lot of time on the stationary cardio machines. The irony is that they travel in their cars or bikes for half hour to do their cardio activity on a stationary equipment. I see them after some months and they look the same. Here’s why

Cardio junkies are under the assumption that the more cardio they do on a stationary machine, the more weight they shed. This is very temporary.  The more time you spend on a cardio machine, the more efficient your body becomes at handling this activity. You will hit a body plateau very soon.

You need to do Interval training on these machines , be it an elliptical, treadmill or a stationary bike. Interval training is when you alternate between very high speeds and recovery speeds for a fixed period of time. Interval training burns a lot more calories . Aerobics are a good alternative too as you engage your entire body weight to do the activity, thereby building high resistance.


Women- think Muscle. We are biologically gifted with less muscle power compared to men. This is the area we need to concentrate on, in order to boost our metabolism.  Ironically, by order of merit, fat loss happens in this manner

1.Clean diet
2.Strength ( muscle) training
3. Interval training (Cardio)
4. Long moderate cardio sessions.

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Gym memberships are expensive. Invest in your health. Get the most out of the time spent at your gym

Chandra Gopalan
Director, Contours India.