Why is sleep crucial to good health ?

We are meant to sleep one third of our lives and be productive during the remaining  two thirds.  In an increasingly stressful and fast paced world that we live in, it is sleep that is being compromised on .We often hear people mentioning that a 6 hour sleep is sufficient as their body is used to this  sleep cycle.

Lets first find out what goes on in the body when we sleep

  1. We disengage from our surroundings
  2. Heart rate and breathing normalize
  3. Body temperature drops
  4. Blood pressure drops
  5. Muscles relax
  6. Blood supply to muscles increases
  7. Tissue repair happens
  8. Energy is regenerated
  9. Growth hormone is released
  10. Immune system works better


If our sleep is cut short, our bodies cannot go through all the phases mentioned.  We are meant to sleep for 7-8 hours every night. When this is compromised, you do not see the effect immediately. You think your body is adapting to a smaller sleep pattern. In effect, you are making way for chronic diseases later on in your life.