Boot Camp fad

These days it’s a status upgrade when you say that you attended a boot camp. But what is a boot camp? Is the one you attended, seriously what it claims it is ? There are boot camps where members do an hour of non stop stretching. They call it extreme pilates boot camp. So, what exactly is a boot camp ?

A boot camp workout is meant to increase your strength, endurance and agility in minimal time, using some old fashioned military style training. Boot camps are normally done outdoors, for full benefits. It becomes less intense in a gym setting due to the limited space available

Boot camps are appealing as they provide

  • A challenging and varied workout
  • Require little or no special equipments
  • Create a sense of camaraderie among participants

Boot camps are not for everybody. If you have a strong foundation of strength and aerobic training, there is nothing like a boot camp to boost overall strength, body conditioning and aerobic capability.

Boot Camp