Beat Stress- just improve your attitude

Almost all of us are stressed these days, given the hectic work- family –life schedule we go through. But stress can be overcome with the right attitude

We cant always control situations that we are caught in but we can control our reaction to them. Stress is involuntary but your reaction to it is voluntary. Imagine that you are caught in a situation where a loved one is terminally ill. In this situation, you cannot control the illness. There is no point getting stressed over what you cannot control. But what you can do is to be positive and hopeful so that it keeps your loved one positive too.

Don’t dwell on problems and stress yourself. They do not go away magically. Instead try to find solutions to problems. Cursing yourself and others for what could have been avoided will not make the problem go away. Instead, focus on how to set things right and move on. Do not let the stress dwell for a long time

Learn to relax. Exercise or any physical activity is a great stress buster. It releases endorphins in the body which make you feel good and positive about yourself. So, when you feel stressed, hit the gym, swim, walk the dog, play a game of tennis. Or simply meditate. The stress does not go away but your attitude to it will change

Lastly, remember that we all go through small irritants everyday. You cannot get stressed if the school bus comes late, you are stuck in a traffic jam, your computer crashes, you cannot meet work deadlines. These are small things. These are situational and not permanent. Let it go. Look at the funny side of things. Learn to laugh at yourself

Beat Stress just improve your attitude