Spending quality time in the gym.

A lot of regular gym goers are not satiated till they spend a minimum of 90 minutes in a gym focus on “ spend their time” rather than maximize their time in the gym.

Contours is well known for our 29 minute circuit training system, which we follow worldwide. It’s a 3 minute warm up and 26 minutes of non stop workouts on the circuit which involves both strength and aerobics, so that you get a complete workout. When you workout the circuit to your maximum potential , you can burn more calories than an hour of running.  Now, is’nt this a smart and effective way to workout ?  We, then follow it up with 20 minutes of floor workouts to give members a good body tone.

Yet, we constantly see members wanting to do a 3rd circuit, spend endless amount of time on the cardio bikes and leave the gym after more than 90 minutes ? The mindset is that the more I workout, the faster I lose weight. Nothing is farther from the truth. The fact that you can do a 3rd circuit and much more means that you are not pushing your muscles to fatigue in minimal time. Long rests between workouts, moderate intensity, socializing and a lot more goes into that 90 minute ineffective workout. The result is that they are where they were when they joined the gym.

Workout smart, not long. Push your body till the muscles are fatigued. Lift heavy weights and do short intense interval trainings on the cardio machines. All you need is 50-60 minutes, 4 times a week to get fit, lose weight and stay healthy.