Advantages of a women only gym

Annie Lenox once said “ I love to be individual, to step beyond gender”. It is liberating that there is more to yourself beyond your gender. But we can learn more about ourselves and each other by embracing our femininity.

Particularly, when it comes to exercising, a women only gym is a great idea. Here’s why

  1. More security means better workout- In a women only gym, women need not be self conscious about the way they look or how they sweat in front of males. Many women feel uncomfortable to work out with men around, due to cultural reasons. The less self conscious you are, the better and harder will be your workout
  2. Women’s biological problems can be shared- You are menstruating or pregnant. Its easy to share the cramps , pain and discomfort with your girlfriends and trainers in the gym. After all, its something each one of them has to deal with too
  3. No awkwardness- Everybody feels insecure and incompetent when they start an exercise regime. Other members look like experts while you are out of shape and feel like a bumbling idiot. Its worse when you have a bunch of men pumping weights and doing seemingly impossible exercises, while you can barely lift your legs up. A female only space makes you feel a lot less awkward
  4. Sense of camaraderie – There is something special about working out in a community of supportive and encouraging women. Its great to share your fears and challenges with your girlfriends, as they understand the changes in your body as nobody else can.

Gender segregation is not always discriminatory. It works in your favor at times!

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