The best version of you is here!

Don’t let excuses, grimy sweat or even the fear of building muscle get in the way of reaching your fitness destination. Contours helps you map out your journey as you discover and explore your potential to push boundaries, and emerge victorious in your quest to a fitter you.


Give your body the definition and muscle power it deserves! Body Toning is a calorie-burning, total body sculpting workout. Apart from being an amazing muscle builder, it makes you strong, agile, and ready to take life, head-on


Exercise in a friendly, supportive and comfortable environment, with women like you, who are on a similar path with similar goals. Whether it’s losing weight, feeling healthy and vitalized, making new friends, or just having tons of fun, Group Workouts are for you!


A woman with a strong core can do the impossible! Cardio Core, burns the fat in your midsection until all that’s left are ripped abs and a strong, fit body overall. A strong core ushers in a host of health benefits and keeps your body balanced and effective in spite of daily wear and tear.