It’s that time of the year that we all look forward to. School vacations, time off work and celebrations in the air with Dussehra and Diwali around the corner.

But why do we celebrate with our stomach? We are tempted by the table at home laden with sweets and buttery savouries sent to us lovingly by friends and family. This is when our sweet cravings are at their highest and fighting the temptation to indulge can be tough. Think of the balance 3 quarters of the year when you struggle to get your health and shape back and out beat the desire to indulge with these smart tips:

  • The first trick is to ensure that your stomach is reasonably full throughout the festive days. Eat 3 nutritious meals and 3 healthy fillers, every 3 hours of the day.
  • Hydrate well with 2-3 liters of water. When your stomach is satiated, it will crave less for sweets.
  • The focus should be on a high protein intake. Unlike carbs, protein can keep you full for a longer time
  • If you must eat that favorite sweet, please do. But not all at one go. Split it up into 2-3 pieces, store it for yourself in a container and have a small piece every time you crave for it.
  • Mix up your sweet intake by eating figs, dates and apricots which are healthy choices
  • Buy / choose sweets that are made from jaggery, honey and dates. There are plenty of choices in the market today
  • Avoid sweets with varkha (silver foil) on them. These are harmful to health
  • Most importantly, find the time to do your daily workout, even if it is at home.

Festivals can be fun. Just don’t celebrate it with your stomach!