Have you been lying to yourself? What you believe about exercise and the way your body responds to it can sabotage your results. For example, if you think you need to feel sore to prove you had a good workout, you can end up injured. Or maybe you justify chowing down on that monster, post-workout burger because the treadmill display registers a high-calorie expenditure. Check out these common beliefs and see if you’re guilty of them:



  1. One more cheat day won’t do me any harm
  2. I’m sweating so I must be losing weight
  3. I’ll start working out as soon as I lose weight
  4. I can eat whatever I want after a good workout
  5. If I’m not sore a day after a hard workout, that means I didn’t train enough
  6. Even though I’m sore, I’ll work out through the pain
  7. I’ll focus more on reps and speed and less on proper form
  8. Hit the gym and hit it hard after I’ve been taking it easy for months
  9. The heavier I lift, the more I’ll lose
  10. I’ll focus more on my diet and less on working out


Source: livestrong.com