The good news is that you can enjoy the holidays and train for a new goal!
It doesn’t have to be one over the other. Plus, with the Contours Women’s Day Run around the corner (March 2020), it’s an opportunity waiting to happen for you to test your running chops. Here are 10 reasons to run a 5k over the holidays:

  1. Training can help offset some of those holiday treats. You don’t have to pay penance for indulgences with exercise, but the extra calories over the holidays can help fuel your workouts.
  2. A goal race will keep you focused and motivated to train during the holidays.
  3. A lot of people have extra time off from work that can make fitting in training plan a bit easier.
  4. A training plan can add structure to your routine during a time when your usual routine may be off.
  5. A fitness goal can motivate you to prioritize exercise, nutrition, and sleep, which will give you more energy all season long.
  6. Exercise is a proven stress reliever. A training plan gives you scheduled time to blow off steam and combat potential seasonal depression.
  7. A 5K is an excellent opportunity to start a new healthy family tradition. Recruit family, friends, kids, and neighbors to run or walk a 5K to build community and strengthen relationships.
  8. The weather is often colder, which can be an ideal running condition, be sure to dress appropriately.
  9. You’ll get a confidence boost, build mental toughness, and improve your health to finish the year strong.
  10. When the new year rolls in you’ll be two steps ahead on your resolutions and ready to tackle bigger goals.