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Pants That Fit Your Unique

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How is {Contours} different?

We are in a pursuit to find the best fit for Indian women, who understand the value of comfort and are confident but looking for clothes that project that confidence in them. We invest heavily in the comfort and fit of our product to indian body type and indian weather, a concept that is foreign to foreign brands. 

understand that women with the same waist size and height can still have vastly different body shapes. Unfortunately, most brands only consider waist size and height when designing pants, leading to a poor fit—either too loose on smaller hips or too tight on larger hips.

To address this issue, we’ve introduced an additional dimension: “hip size.” By incorporating hip size into our measurements, we ensure a perfect fit for every body type.

With {Contour}, you can expect pants that fit you perfectly because we tailor them to your unique measurements, providing comfort and confidence in every pair.

Ashu B****

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